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Recent Success

Below are a sample of some of the types of cases handled for our clients. *

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Our client, a nurse, sought leave to care for a terminally ill family member and was denied leave, forcing them to seek alternate employment. After contacting us, we were able to negotiate reinstatement and an extended leave plan.

Family Medical Leave/ Disability Discrimination - $50,000 Settlement

When attempting to take FMLA leave for a long-term injury, a client was written up for allegedly unrelated reasons and sent home without pay. When out of work on unpaid leave, the employer then took steps to terminate the client's employment. We were able to negotiate an extended FMLA leave plan, reinstatement, and a lump sum payment without filing suit on the client's behalf.

Sexual Harassment By Third Party Employer

The client was a housekeeper through an employment agency. While working in an unsupervised building, she was sexually assaulted by an employee of the contractor.  After sending a demand, we negotiated an out of court settlement including a lump sum payment, additional managerial training for the contractor's management, medical leave, and a transfer to a new department for the worker.

Race Discrimination / Food Service Whistleblower

The client, an Asian food worker, blew the whistle on their employer for failing to maintain required minimum food safety standards.  We were able to negotiate a favorable settlement without filing suit, including extended health care benefits. 

 Trade Secrets - Entrepreneurial Business Dispute 

An entrepreneurial business client contracted to commercialize an original idea with two other businesses.  When the businesses failed to execute the business plan as agreed, we negotiated a six-figure lump sum settlement under the terms of the Agreement for compensatory and liquidated damages, plus attorneys fees.

Disability Discrimination / Age Discrimination - Confidential Settlement

Our client suffered a disability since childhood. After working for their employer for many years, however, the client was subjected to increased scrutiny, harassment, and was suspended, and ultimately lost the job. After filing suit, we were able to obtain documents illustrating that the employer's reasons for taking its actions were untrue, and settled on favorable terms, including compensation for attorneys fees.

Defective Heater Causes Property Damage & Personal Injury - Confidential Settlement

Child Care Worker Wrongfully Terminated For Reporting Safety Violations - $50,000 Settlement

Cook Suffers Knee Fracture Causing Temporary Disability, Unable To Work - $250,000 Settlement

Home Healthcare Worker Sexually Harassed By Patient - $130,000 settlement 

Sexual Assault of Customer By Store Employee - $500,000 settlement

Contractor Falsely Accused of Operating Company Vehicle Impaired - No Charges

Child Care Worker Falsely Accused of Embezzlement of Services - No Charges, plus lump sum payment for defamatory statements made to co-workers.  


* Please note that past results do not guarantee future results. 


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