09 June 2022

How to make yourself an attractive employer during ‘the great reshuffle’

Throughout 2020 and 2021 there was much talk in recruitment industry news about ‘The Great Resignation’ the perceived phenomenon that droves of unfulfilled employees were quitting their jobs over the lockdown to do something completely new.

This trend morphed into something more subtle in 2022 the so-called ‘Great Reshuffle’ — millions of people leaving their existing long-term roles to work in similar jobs, but ones that either offer better work/life balance or are more aligned with an individual’s values.

While this time of job migration might sound worrying as an employer, it also presents a tremendous opportunity. Now is a great time to recruit top talent who, disenfranchised with their current employer, are looking for pastures new. With this in mind, here’s how you can make yourself an attractive employer during the great reshuffle in interviews and your recruitment collateral.

Talk about your values

One of the core motivations behind the great reshuffle is to do with a person’s values and their employer’s. The last two years of on-and-off-again lockdowns gave people plenty of time to reflect on what they are doing with their life, and what their values are.

Unlike during the great resignation, people aren’t looking for a whole new career path, they merely want to finish work each day knowing that their efforts contributed to an organisation that shares their worldview.

For this reason, it’s really important to express your business’ values. Talk about your commitment to charity, the environment, employee wellbeing and all of the other good things that make up the raison d’être of your organisation.

Talk about your expectations… honestly.

Most employers sing their virtues when it comes to their commitment to work/life balance. The trouble is if an employee feels misled and they’re working a lot more overtime or receiving more out of hours calls than they expected, they’re likely to start looking for another job soon.

Therefore, be honest about the amount of overtime a job typically involves and if there’s any remuneration or TOIL for it.

Talk about your ambitions

What’s the plan for your business in the next 10 years? Where do you want to see it going? Workers who feel like their career has stagnated are particularly liable to become a reshuffler, so talking about the future of your organisation will always appeal.

It takes drive and ambition to move roles, and people want to know that their employer can match them and take their career to the next level.

Listen to what they want

Finally, but probably most importantly, listen. During the interview process ask candidates about their expectations and ambitions. This will not only enable you to adapt job roles, benefits packages and other things to become a more attractive employer it will help you to understand the key things that appeal to candidates and enable you to recruit better candidates more efficiently in the future.

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