Client – Plastic Injection Moulding manufacturer

The largest producer of plastic cable management solutions in the UK. 3 sites in the UK, German/Chinese owned.


Design Engineering/Projects, lost headcount. HR at the time didn’t have a preferred supplier to bring in the right people. Current staff were over worked, had multiple projects and were struggling to keep up with workload. The business found themselves under real pressure, needing 3 people in the Engineering department immediately and with  the right skills to ‘hit the ground running.’


Scheduled meeting with hiring managers & HR. Understood needs & wants. Visited site and spoke with current team to understand their issue, establish what it is like to work at the business. Benchmark salaries to ensure they are competitive in the marketplace.

Advertised the roles with the client focusing on many great things about the business which had been lost or forgotten. Used a mix of advertising and existing registered candidates to create a shortlist of immediately available high quality candidates.


The team was re-built with great people, this has enabled them to not only service their customers, manage workload and increase quality of delivery. Consequentially, staff are happier, have better work life balance and staff retention has improved. The business now has greater confidence in the stability of their existing team and have the confidence to invest in this area to grow the business safe in the knowledge that they have the right approach to recruitment.

Summary of our service:

  • Understood the client’s needs/wants
  • Used our database, advertisement, recruitment knowledge and teamwork to source on vacancies
  • Shortlisted candidates, pre-screened, prepared and followed in interview process
  • Successfully placed the correct personnel into the team
  • Delivered the service on time and in budget

Moving forwards

We have branched out into other departments with this client, new areas such as Technical Sales and Support roles UK wide have also been successfully recruited for.