The comprehensive recruitment process – ‘The Hunter way’

Here’s a guide to what you can expect when you work with Hunter Selection to recruit a new member of Engineering, Manufacturing, Service or Technology staff. Our approach is to add significant value at every stage. Close to 1 in 4 interviews through Hunter Selection leads to a successful placement. This industry leading efficiency can only be achieved through hard work and high skill.

  1. Understanding of your requirements

Over the phone or ideally in a face to face meeting to discuss your requirements. If you don’t have a job description or need help in the detail of the specification we can help with the preparation. This will include national and local market knowledge to make sure that your requirements are achievable. This includes the availability of candidates and how attractive the role, employer profile and remuneration are.

We will then consider the ambitions and motivations of suitable candidates in light of the aims of your business and the goals, objectives and culture of your organisation. This of course includes essential aspects of character and team fit.

  1. The right approach

Our Consultants all work in specialist teams and have detailed knowledge of their regional markets or sectors.  Whilst they’ll know your industry inside out, they also know that no two recruitment processes are ever the same. This means that they can advise on the best approach and realistic timescales. Sometimes this could be a turnaround of a matter of hours where urgency is the key, on other occasions it may require a more tactical approach and targeted advertising over a period of weeks.

  1.  Access to the best candidates…always.

Our approach is to always have access to the best Engineers and Technical specialists in the UK marketplace and to invest however much it takes to be sure of this. This means advertising, active networking, referrals, sponsorship and social media activity at the highest level every day. Our database is bespoke to our industry and people skill lead operating practices and is an enormous asset to us and therefore to our clients.

  1. In-depth interviewing

All Candidates representing Hunter Selection must be interviewed thoroughly by us first. This means a rigorous and process of skills, experience and motivational assessment using a best practise and quality standards. We refer the best of our candidates to our clients, we certainly don’t just forward CV’s. We are able to offer further testing and assessment should your processes require. We have interviewing facilities at each of our regional offices should you wish to use these too.

  1. Feedback

We make it clear to both Candidates and Client employers that we will be taking and sharing feedback post interview. This process ensures that all tricky questions are answered, and any potential issues can be addressed. Our neutrality in this process allows all parties to obtain honest and open feedback essential to getting the right people in the right roles. This skill is paramount in maintaining the efficiency of the recruitment process as a whole.

  1. Offer management

In such competitive times the process of offer management is critical. High levels of understanding and control must be exercised if clients are to make the right offers to the best candidates whilst maintaining a sensible respect for budgets and wage comparisons. At Hunter we understand this and work closely with our clients to get this right. We also understand the anxiety and pressures on candidates too and will support them closely through this testing and sometimes confusing time.

These final stages may well include dealing with counter-offers from current employers or other suitors as well as the process of formal reference checking if required.

If you haven’t seen it, the Explainer video on our Home page might be worth a look.

Alternatively feel free to contact anyone of our offices and speak to a Consultant who will be more than happy to help and get the recruitment process started, the Hunter way.